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Just keep encouraged and KEEP GOING!!

Some days it feels like EVERYTHING is going wrong at the SAME. DAMN. TIME!!

Like that cartoon cat that always stepped on the rake, got hit in the face with the handle, fell back and the flower pot hit him over the head. Seriously...who in the hell left the gate open!?" LOL... "Overcoming adversity is one of the biggest hurdles we face. As Havelock Ellis wrote, Pain and death are part of life. To reject them is to reject life itself."

Problems, large and small, present themselves to us throughout our whole existence." --- the thing is, you MUST need to remember that you're NOT alone. There's no magic. The trick is GET UP...this time hopefully avoiding that damn rake!

Some days are harder than others, but through it all you need to:

1. Create a positive mental attitude: No one is pissing fairy dust, just gotta keep vibrations on HIGH

2. Be careful what you put in your mind: no junk food (negativity: chaos, drama, etc.)

3. Trust yourself: remove self doubt, increase your BELIEF in your ability to BE the change you need

4. BREATHE: Most people are living with such shallow breathing, its like the walking dead. INHALE

5. Practice Relaxation: Harder than it sounds, but worth it. Clear your head, control your thoughts.

6. Don't be a BULLY: to yourself, really. Stop beating yourself up and start positive self talk NOW

7. WHAT DO YOU WANT: If you don't know, figure it out, and start a map/plan to attain it

Listen, I'm no doctor, but...if you're feeling gotta get up, by any means necessary.

So? What could it hurt to TRY.

No punks on this squad, we don't reject life...we get up and we MOVE this life.

Let's go!!

Be well, and reside in peace.



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