1st Cannabis Company

 in the south! 




Klean Kloud, LLC began in 1997 in Atlanta, Georgia. MoonSlyme and Klean Lean found a following at the legendary Freaknik college Spring Break festivities, on college campuses, NPHC chatrooms, MySpace, popular Atlanta nightlife venues, and wounded veterans/POW groups operating in north Georgia. Since those early days we have continued to thrive and evolve and remain at the forefront of the Euphorics movement. We pride ourselves on being innovators and have been providing legal hemp wellness products to people in need in metro Atlanta since creation. We are very proud of that fact. From flowers to edibles, tinctures and oils, Klean Kloud was the first CBD/Hemp company doing business in the southeast and therefore the first medical cannabis company in the South.


From the beginning, Klean Kloud LLC has always focused on mental health and the fight against prescription cough syrup abuse from a natural perspective and our lab results reflect that. The human body's endocannabinoid system (EC) when activated by the presence of cannabinoids responds. In other words, your body is not only designed to respond to cannabis, it makes its own cannabinoids naturally. No wonder this plant and its extracts have been used for centuries for mood elevation, spiritual awakening, relaxation, etc. (legally we are not allowed to make health claims on the website. Research the benefits of hemp and cannabis). Klean Lean products contain organically grown, non GMO, vegan safe, gluten free ingredients that make our products the most effective in the relaxation beverage industry and further sets Klean Lean and MoonSlyme apart from the multitude of newly emerging companies offering canna syrups and other relaxation beverages.


Klean Lean products are 100% legal in the US. Klean Lean and MoonSlyme set the standard for canna syrups. They are the originals. Klean Lean and MoonSlyme can be mixed with your favorite soft drink, juice, coffee, tea, or water. It can be poured on ice cream, blended with milkshakes and smoothies, or enjoyed straight! For those in search of a healthy and serious lifestyle change, choose Klean Lean products!