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Burning Bay leaves to relieve anxiety

An age old remedy...

The leaf of the laurel bush, better known as bay leaves, do much more than add flavor to our favorite foods. Bay leaves have a calming effect. Linalool, an essential oil found in the plant, is really useful for calming the mind and reducing cortisol levels in the blood. The stress hormone often reacts really well to natural therapies like aromatherapy. Laurel is a balancing and relaxing plant that has almost spiritual characteristics. It improves circulation, digestion, and liver function. Bay leaves promote inner balance and have a calming effect on the mind. As aromatherapy, they can treat phlegm and mucus buildup as well as killing bacteria in the lungs and airways.


When we're suffering from anxiety attacks, the brain activates the fight-or-flight response. This alert system has an immense impact on the heart: accelerating heart rate and even tensing muscles causing strain and fatigue. Feeling pressure in the chest is a really common symptom associated with anxiety. An organic compound called Cafeic acid is present in bay leaves and can help reduce the pressure and strain. If your anxiety levels persist or last longer than a month, consult a healthcare professional. These types of approaches are complementary. They should never take the place of proper medical treatment.

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